Casa David was a dream that we believe started in the heart of God many years ago, when former IMB, SBC missionaries, Howard and Marvina Hooper, were working with university students in the capital city of Honduras in the early 1990's. Together, the Hoopers and the students, witnessed the great despair of the people who traveled from all parts of the country to bring their loved ones to the hospital with no means to pay for a place to stay while they were so far from home. Family members often slept on the floors in the lobby of the hospital for days and many times even weeks having no place to sleep, eat, shower, or wash their clothes. 


Years later, back in the States, Marvina read a book (January 2013) that asked "What is the dream God has given to you, that you have never done anything about...that you could never do unless He does it through you?" Instantly she knew... it was to have a place where these people could rest safely, have a hot meal and most importantly find hope in Christ Jesus. 

Coming Soon to Guatemala.

She dreamt of a place that would feel like home, and would not only give people a place to stay but would go far beyond that... offering people love, care, and hope. She dreamt it would be a bright place (possibly yellow) and would have God's Word of encouragement on every wall. A place where people could be renewed each evening to face the trials they would surely find in the hospital the next day. But the challenge was daunting. How does a person even start to make a dream like this a reality?


After much prayer, she sought counsel from those who knew the needs. Every person she talked to encouraged her to go for it! A few months later (July 2013) she went to Tegucigalpa where she met with that group of former university students who were now young professionals. She shared her dream with them and asked them what they thought and that very night they said "Why not?" They agreed that something should be done to help alleviate this need and more importantly to make opportunities to share Christ with these people. A few nights later a foundation (Fundacion Casa David Harms) was born in Honduras. A few weeks later a board was formed in the U.S., which shortly after became a 501(c)(3) tax deductible non-profit organization.


A trip was planned in October to look for a house for this ministry. However, a few weeks before the trip, Marvina's mom, Anna Pérez passed away suddenly. The last thing Anna had prayed for (which she had written in her prayer journal) was CASA DAVID. She had been praying for this dream since it's very inception. So in lieu of flowers, friends and family were asked to give a donation to CASA DAVID and it was with those gifts that all the furnishing of CASA DAVID were bought. God's provision!


During that trip in October, the Lord provided us with the perfect house, (guess what color it was) a very short distance from the hospital. It was a big home, on a large lot and it had many of the things we needed. Once again, God's provision! We rented the home and began renovations in January 2014. Preparations were begun and it was decided that Casa David would open in February 2014.


Since the day the dream was born, the Lord has been our sustainer and focus! ...and He has provided for every need. Through the generosity of many, Casa David has been able to keep it's doors open and it's ministry going, serving over 8,000 people and almost 34,000 meals since it opened.


CASA DAVID was named after veteran missionary Dr. David Harms, who along with his dear wife, Joyce, lovingly served the people of Honduras for over 30 years. They are still greatly loved there and today they are blessing people in Plano, Texas, where they live.


It is our prayer that Casa David be a beacon and Lord willing, the very first of many homes in Central America, where the brokenhearted and weary can find refuge. Since we believe that we are directly involved with Kingdom work, it is also our prayer that many will come to know the Lord Jesus having a direct impact not only on this generation but on many generations to come. TO GOD ALONE BE ALL THE GLORY!!