Sweet Julieth (Before)

​Julieth was born with a heart defect and had to undergo extensive heart surgery when she was born. Her mother was able to stay at Casa David while Julieth recovered. Had it not been for Casa David her mama would have had to sleep on the floor at the hospital 85 days.

Sweet Julieth (After)

Here's a photo of Julieth and her mama when they came back to the city for a regular checkup. ​We all rejoiced to see her. She is truly a miracle!

Baby Eduardo Daniel

This baby has already undergone 2 surgeries. After staying at Casa David for 15 days, Educardo and his happy parents were able to go home.

Ángel Miguel

Angel Miguel has had two intestinal  surgeries. His young mother, Isela has been a guest at Casa David for more than 45 days. Angel MIguel was released from the hospital but still needs to be seen by a doctor for follow-up 3 times a week.

Víctor Leonardo

This little one lost his brave battle and went home to be with the Lord on March 27th. Casa David's staff was there to comfort and support this young family during those terribly dark days.

Enrique Lopez

Enrique Lopez, his wife, Maria and his 10 year old daughter Jenifer  were our very first guests at Casa David. They are from Ocotepeque, a town in Honduras close to the Guatemalan border, 5 1/2 hours from Tegucigalpa. They stayed one night.

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